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We provide a comprehensive analytics solution as a service for measuring and benchmarking the performance of sales and live marketing activities, trade shows, and retail spaces. Explore the various use cases depending on your business.
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How can you benefit?

Making live marketing activities measurable provides many different benefits to companies that use our analytics services. Some of the most important benefits of footfall analytics are:

People counting

  • Tracking how many people enter a store or event location provides companies with an overview of the total number of visitors

Marketing insights

  • Measuring the performance of their marketing activities can help them to identify how many people were reached with a specific marketing activity or whether a marketing campaign they implemented had an impact.


  • Companies can get data to compare the performance of their activities over time or across separate locations.
  • Companies are provided with data to analyse their A/B testing by comparing the change in various different KPIs.

Increase sales

  • Gathering data on their customer’s movements in a location (e.g., with flow path analysis or heatmaps) allows companies to optimize their layout/marketing strategy in order to better target their customers.

Promotes smarter staffing

  • Companies get insights (e.g. peak times) into how they can improve their staff planning. 
Read more about what footfall analytics is and what its various benefits are in our blog post: Understanding footfall analytics?

We provide solutions for

MICE industry &
venue managers

  • Organisers of exhibitions, conventions and meetings

  • Venue managers of high density spaces 
  • Venue managers in the MICE industry

Live events &

  • Marketing agencies (e.g. promotions, events, communications)

  • Brand owners


Retail space

  • Retail stores

  • Shopping malls


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Changing requirements & trends


Transformation towards smart venues

Data-driven decision making

Compare digital vs. live activity

Increased demand for safetyand security systems

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