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The requirements for the retail sector are constantly growing. livealytics touches base with the major factors.

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Case study

To get an idea on how a use case in the retail sector could look like, check out our blog article about our project with Migros in the SportXX retail store in Bülach, Switzerland. 

Changing requirements & trends

  • What is the ideal consumer journey?
  • How to run cost effective A/B tests and underly decisions with data?
  • How to increase revenue per customer?
  • How to compare store performance with benchmarks?
  • Get exact visitor engagement figures (frequency, duration of stay)

  • Measure and evaluate brand and product interactions (A/B testing)

  • Instant insights into customer behaviour

  • Track conversion rate, passers-by to visitors, visitors to paying customers

  • Identify and measure the impact of visual merchandising and promotions


Explore retail solutions & dashboards

Footfall analytics offers companies in the retail sector the opportunity to obtain important data concerning customer behaviour and the performance of different stores and activities.

Different views for different stakeholders

Heatmaps & flowcharts: The livealytics platform provides an overview of performance metrics based on tracking technology and predefined KPIs.

Performance & benchmarks: Track multiple store outlets or activities and get an instant comparability.

Zone analysis: Analyse and compare interactions and customer journeys within different zones of your store.

Instore A/B testing: Run tests on customer behaviour with promotions, store layout and signage changes, and evaluate them based on the data collected in your custom dashboard.

Crowd monitor: By using the current AI (artificial intelligence) technology of the people counting sensors, as well as the livealytics cloud, different forms of monitoring physical distance are possible.

Retail – MultiMarkt – Zone Analysis-2
Retail – MultiMarkt – Top Performers-1-1

Heatmaps & Flowcharts

  • Visitor flow path analysis
  • Live heat maps
  • Standard & custom KPI’s

Zone Analysis

  • Compare day/hour performance
  • Track Conversion rate
  • Analyse bounce rates and interactions
  • Set custom KPI’s
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Simple onboarding process

Concept & design

  • Define scope
  • Define KPIs
  • Analyze infrastructure setup
  • Define solution & budget

Implement & test

  • Install hardware
  • Setup dashboards & API
  • Training & instruction
  • Test in live environment

Go live

  • Adaption
  • Monitoring & support
  • Data collection management
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