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livealytics works with selected agencies from the field marketing, promotion or live event sector. The goal of such partnerships is to allow live marketing agencies to measure the effectiveness of their live marketing activities and to offer the best possible analytics service to the end client. 

Live marketing agencies and footfall analytics

Live marketing activities can take different forms – promotions, POS/retail samplings, merchandising, product launch events, roadshows, etc. 

If the goal of a marketing campaign is to create brand awareness, how can an agency measure the effectiveness of its live marketing activity?  

This is where footfall analytics comes into play. Footfall analytics refers to the advanced method of counting people who are entering a location. (Find out more about footfall analytics). Good footfall analytics systems go beyond a simple people counting and include additional metrics about customer behaviour that are relevant to the user. 

Footfall analytics systems help live marketing agencies to measure the success of their campaigns. Agencies are provided with important KPIs about the customer behaviour like: opportunities to see, views, returning vs new visitors, dwell time, peak time, interactions, or conversion rate. It provides them with meaningful, data-driven insights about their visitor's behaviour that can help them improve customer experience, optimise operations and increase sales. 

Partnership model

In a partnership model, the partner agency can provide livealytics' analytics services to their end clients. Providing their clients with the opportunity to measure and evaluate the performance of their live marketing activities is an important factor that can help agencies to set themselves apart from their competitors.  

A partnership between a live marketing agency and livealytics leads to a “win-win-win” situation – the agency, livealytics, as well as the end-client all benefit from the cooperation. This cooperation is based on a split of responsibilities where each party focuses on their core competencies:


  • platform setup & management
  • sensor running costs (data)
  • 2nd level support


  • sales
  • marketing & communication
  • sensor installation & management
  • customer consulting & debriefing
  • 1st level support

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