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Safety by design

livealytics' safety is an integrated and fully automated contact tracing and fill-level monitoring solution for large venues.

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Changing requirements & trends

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  • How to comply with the current ambiguous health and safety regulations for large events?

  • How to assess whether personal data or vaccination information of visitors is correct in bulk?

  • How to prove that safety measures are implemented and acted on in real-time during the event?

  • How to implement an efficient contact tracing system for large events?

  • Smart tickets based on RFID tags are combined with mobile app based personal profile of every visitor.

  • Sensor installations at entries and exits to gather data and alert on exceptions in real-time.

  • The results get processed, visualised for simple proof of compliance and reporting.

  • Sensors anonymously record the movements and contacts of all persons within the event venue.


Make large events safe and commercially viable

  • Enhance fill-levels for large events by validating personal data including proof of vaccination.
  • Automate bulk handling of critical personal data to untraceable anonymous ”proof of data”.
  • In case of a positive Covid case, all contacts of the respective person can receive an instant alert to their mobile app.
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The smart event safety system!

GDPR Compliant Onboarding

  • Visitor downloads mobile application
  • Visitor opts-in to share and connect his personal data
  • Visitor opts-in to verify his data with ID based KYC check
  • Visitor opts-in to connect to his digital vaccination passport
  • All data is stored encrypted with a personal key only available on the mobile app.

Smart Ticket

  • Visitor receives a smart ticket with a QR code as identifier
  • Visitor pairs his smart ticket with the mobile app by scanning the QR code
  • Mobile app records anonymous record of personal data in RFID processing engine

Automated Entrance Control

  • Industry standard gateway for fixed always-on automated monitoring of entries and departures of guests in any custom defined zone of the event
  • Covers entrance area of up to 25m2 for queue avoidance per scanner
  • Plug & play connectivity with mobile internet gateway

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting

  • Monitoring of fill level and automated alerting via SMS/Email to staff
  • Post mortem analysis and proof of compliance for every single event
  • Visitor flow path analysis and area benchmarks for commercial optimization
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