Insights for b2b sales at livealytics

Our managing director Matt was a guest speaker at the 73rd SICTIC Investor Day at Google Zurich last week.

We present livealytics as a reference for Manuel Hartmann’s (the Sales Playbook) keynote “how to win in B2B Sales for Angel Investors”. 

The most important insights from Matt’s 3-minute speech were:

  • Besides investor money, the revenue stream of over 50 paying customers is the most important source of finance for livealytics.
  • In 2019 livealytics had a customer growth of 230% and was able to win 7 partners in 5 European countries.
  • In order to maintain this growth and to ensure the service, livealytics has been working with Manuel since the scaling phase (Rollout new Platform Q4/2019).
  • The goal was to optimise sales in a sustainable way within a very short time. This includes the definition of a sales strategy and sales process as well as segmentation of the markets with the corresponding buying centre analysis. All these aspects are recorded in a sales playbook and serve as the basis for sales at livealytics.
  • Besides using the right tools, for example, HubSpot for CRM & Inbound Marketing or Whereby for video meetings, the customer-driven mindset of all employees is key for sales performance.
  • A standardised sales story, automation, and regular training keeps our sales and service processes lean while allowing for a high degree individualisation. 
  • During the 15-30 minute video meeting for the requirements analysis, we demonstrate the value added by our complete analytics and IoT solution for measuring and benchmarking the performance of sales and live experience promotion activities, trade shows and retail spaces.

If you’re interested in investing in livealytics, book a Video Call with Matt.