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Digital solution for an offline issue

livealytics provides a complete analytics solution for measuring and benchmarking the performance of sales and live experience promotion activities, trade shows and retail spaces.

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Get real time actionable insights at any location.

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  1. Benchmarking

    • Comparable scoring accross locations
    • Industry category and activity specific benchmarks
  2. Performance

    • Effectiveness of locations and staff
    • Valuable insights for live or below the line effectiveness
  3. Profitability

    • Transparent profitability determination
    • Provides the means for evidence based marketing investments
  4. Real time

    • Convenient data collection
    • Data driven decision making on the spot at any location

This is how it works

  • Visits

    Visitors measured dwelling longer than 30 seconds within 10 meters of an activation

  • Views

    Viewers measured passing by within 10 meters of an activation

  • OTS

    Opportunity to see: The total amount of passersby measured within 30 meters of an activation

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Dwell Times

How long are your visitors engaged for?

Visitor Counts

How many visitors are at your activation?


What are peak times, most popular routes?


How many visitors convert passing to engaged?


Who exactly is your audience?


Impact of weather on activation


Scoring and variances across locations, activities


Which areas are most popular and engaging?

Livealytics in Action

Perfect for any event or location – indoor and outdoor
We are your partner for Trade Shows, Road Shows, Retail Spaces, Live Experience, Events and Smart City

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Why livealytics?

The challenge

  • No performance data available in live experience
  • Measurements are “guesstimates” at best
  • No data regarding quality of location and staff
  • Reports are time-consuming and late
  • No benchmark across locations or industry

The solution: Livealytics

  • Simple way of data gathering
  • Measure ROI & effectiveness
  • Comparable standards and KPIs
  • Recommendations and measures inferable
  • Real-time optimization of fairs and event activities
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