We Make Live-Marketing Measurable

Digital communication is becoming increasingly pervasive, but it doesn’t replace personal contact. To date there is no standard solution for measuring the performance of offline activities.

livealytics provides a complete analytics solution for measuring and benchmarking the performance of sales and live marketing promotion activities, trade shows and retail spaces.


Digital marketers are accustomed to instant data. However, in the field of live marketing little has changed. Performance data is based on “guesstimates” at best and only includes absolute visitor numbers. The lack of qualified benchmarks makes it hard to assess performance and compare locations, and reporting is focussed on hindsight rather than insight. In response to these pressing needs we developed and field tested a simple and reliable solution:

  • Self-deployable and easy to use data collection
  • Provides a basis for measuring ROI & impact
  • Establishes comparable standards and KPIs
  • Provides insights and offers opportunities for evidence driven decision making
  • Real-time reporting allows for on the spot optimization

Your Benefits

Benchmark Analysis

Assess the impact activities across locations using comparable score metrics. Understand how your activities compare to competitors using our industry and activity specific benchmarks.

Performance and Profitability

Metrics such as footfall and dwell time are translated into meaningful performance indicators that help to determine profitability determination, and provide the means for evidence based marketing investments.

Real-Time Insights

Our self-deployable and easy to use technology provides near real-time reporting. Enabling on the spot data driven decision making at any location.

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